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Barbara Borland, RM

Barbara Borland graduated from the Midwifery Education Programme at McMaster University in 1999, and began working with Countryside Midwifery Services in Millbank Ontario, serving a predominantly Old Order Mennonite and Amish population. After the home birth of her second daughter in 2000, Barbara began working with the newly formed Cambridge Midwives. Two and a half years later, after the home water birth of her third daughter, Barbara accepted a position with the neighbouring Community Midwives of Brantford. In 2005 Barb, along with now retired midwife, Dianne Smith opened the midwifery practice in Muskoka. 

Aside from her midwifery degree, Barbara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Guelph, with a major in Women’s Studies and a minor in Psychology. She has also worked as a Pastry Chef, and a Counselor in a women’s crisis shelter and at a residence for teenage mothers. Barbara’s work within these diverse communities has given her a unique understanding of the varying needs of women and a passionate desire to help her clients have the most up to date information, as well as the wisdom of the ages, and be allowed the space to make their own informed decisions about how and where they give birth to their babies.

Sarah Jean Smith, RM

Sarah grew up in the Ottawa area and in Nashville (Music City, USA). Muskoka and Huntsville have been her home since 2000. She loves living in Muskoka in the straw-bale house she built and working in Muskoka as a Registered Midwife.

Sarah graduated from Ryerson University’s Midwifery Education Programme in the Spring of 2007. Her training has been with midwives in Owen Sound, Collingwood and Thunder Bay. She has also done placements with doctors and nurses in the Huntsville and Orillia hospitals and at Mount Sinai. Sarah has worked with urban, suburban and rural women.

Sarah also has a degree in Women Studies from Trent University, which has been beneficial to her midwifery practice. Sarah sees midwifery as the perfect way to combine a social-science heart with a science-leaning brain to create an exciting and rewarding career.  

Dawn Dawson, RM

Shortly after the home water birth of her second child (who was lovingly caught by a Midwife of Muskoka), Dawn decided to finally pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a midwife. Dawn graduated from the Midwifery Education Program at Ryerson University, with honors, and is now thrilled to join the midwives who inspired and mentored her every step of the way. Throughout her education, Dawn was guided by a variety of health care providers including midwives, an obstetrician, labour and delivery nurses, and lactation consultants. Before becoming a midwife, Dawn spent many years working in Canada and Switzerland as a Registered Massage Therapist, specializing in prenatal massage. She also assisted the Midwives of Muskoka as a second attendant and volunteered with the Friends of Muskoka Midwives. Dawn is thrilled to continue to grow her family's roots in this beautiful region and committed to providing safe, woman centered care for Muskoka families.

Jocelyn Latter, RM

Jocelyn has lived and worked in Muskoka with her partner and 2 children (both born to Midwives of Muskoka) for 13 years prior to relocating to Quinte to work as a midwife there. She is now thrilled to be back home, serving the clients and families in this region. Jocelyn graduated with honors from the Midwifery Program at Ryerson University, where she trained with health care professionals in Toronto, Barrie, Collingwood, Parry Sound, Orillia and Bracebridge across a range of professions.

Prior to her career in midwifery, Jocelyn worked as a wilderness instructor and heritage carpenter in various locations across Ontario and Alberta. Through these avenues, the roots of her passion for what midwives do began long before she was a midwife. From wilderness travel, Jocelyn saw time and again how overcoming physical and mental challenges can transform perceptions of self; and through carpentry, she learned that respect for traditional skills and patience with the process yields the best results.

In midwifery, she has found a way to combine many of her strengths, such as patience, teaching, hands-on-skills and shoveling snow in a hurry. Jocelyn is proud to be able to bring her skills and advocacy back to families of Muskoka.  

Sarahanna Brown, RM

Sarahanna grew up in the Orillia area, and graduated with honours from the Midwifery Program in 2011 from Laurentian University. Before that she also obtained a degree in Anthropology at McMaster University. Sarahanna knew she wanted to be a midwife when she was 12 years old when she witnessed the births of her younger sibling. The event started a life long interest in childbirth, baby care and women’s health.

Sarahanna has been happily practicing Midwifery in Ontario and volunteering internationally over the past 10 years. During her training she worked with Obstetricians, Lactation consultants, Nurses, Specialists, Surgeons and many other health care professions in Ontario and Alberta. 

Sarahanna has 2 children of her own, both born with midwives and had her youngest right here with Midwives of Muskoka. She knows first hand the difference a supportive midwifery team can make to a birthing experience and strives to make all families feel supported throughout their process. 

Kylie Fawcett, RM

Midwifery has always been calling me, and I am beyond grateful that I was quiet enough to listen for it. Growing up I was frequently made aware of a deep need in myself to connect in a meaningful way with others. Throughout school I was drawn towards the sciences as something that intrigued me, and something I excelled in. It wasn’t until the completion of a bachelor of science, that I was exposed to the world of midwifery through personal research. During that time I had developed a deep trust in nature, and in our bodies, which are capable of immense tasks when they are physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally well. As I explored the world of birth I was elated to realize that midwifery was the bridge from which I could connect my knowledge of the sciences with my newfound trust in the innate power of our bodies.

Servicing families during these pivotal life moments has satisfied every expectation I could have had of a career. I have a genuine interest in education and how this can empower others. I am also committed to advocating for others to assist them with having their needs and wishes met. It is a privilege to get to do work that aids both others and myself, as it is through working with others that I am provided with the most important teachings.

I enjoy reading and writing, and staying active while spending as much time with nature as I can. I tend to use much of my time-off visiting with family and friends whom I hold very close to my heart.

I was trained by and have worked with the Midwives of Muskoka in the recent past and am absolutely thrilled to return to work with them again! Through all my relationships built over the years, it has been a never-ending reward to be present for the coming of new life and the potential that rolls in with it.